Joe Jackson – Full Concert – 02/15/80 – Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)

via YouTube Joe Jackson – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 2/15/1980 – Capitol Theatre (Passaic, NJ)

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0:00:00 – On Your Radio
0:04:29 – Friday
0:08:25 – Geraldine And John
0:11:54 – Kinda Kute
0:15:26 – Out Of Style
0:18:36 – Pretty Boys
0:22:40 – The Harder They Come
0:26:34 – Sunday Papers
0:31:02 – One More Time
0:34:04 – Amateur Hour
0:38:21 – Is She Really Going Out With Him?
0:43:43 – Don’t Want To Be Like That
0:47:51 – I’m The Man (tape damage)
0:53:22 – I Can’t Give You Anything (Incomplete)

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